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Shared software service for forest industry transportation companies

Fifth Element is to implement a shared software service for transport companies in the forest industry, which will enable planning and managing the raw wood material supply chain from the departure warehouse to the final destination.

We want to be involved in taking the forest industry and transportation forward.  In our view, a shared software service is one condition for this,” says Jari Mutanen, purchasing director at Stora Enso.

The aim of the service is to support transport companies in achieving a high utility rate of equipment. This is achieved by having up-to-date information from the field and connections to customer organizations’ systems. Concentrating on delivery amount management and efficient stock cycle are benefits from the point of view of forest companies ordering transport services.

Metsä Group and Stora Enso are commissioners of the service.

Mobilising SAP enterprise resource planning

SAP SUP – mobilising SAP enterprise resource planning

We are experienced also in mobilising SAP (SAP SUP), so if your business uses SAP as its enterprise resource planning system, we can easily make it work in an agile way also in mobile work. Our fields of expertise are

Mobile work

Maintenance of Helsingin Energia’s district heating network: We made savings and increased motivation

In 2010 the maintenance of energy company Helsingin Energia’s district heating network was revolutionised.  It used to be a case of network maintenance men setting off for their day’s work with a pile of papers under their arm, but thanks to Fifth Force they now have direct access from a mobile terminal device to a work task database.  Information about problems in the network and measures carried out to solve them are also registered directly from the field into the same system.  More efficient operation in the everyday work of district heating network maintenance at Helsingin Energia was quickly seen as a benefit of the new operating model.  Results are also evident in the increased work motivation of employees.

Damage inspection

Pohjola: Faster customer service through a mobile solution

Pohjola Insurance Ltd has set the aim of making 80% of their claim settlement decisions within 48 hours. To this end Fifth Element produced a system called Tarmo, which enables speedier operation. As a result claims can now often be handled within 36 hours.   The system is used by both Pohjola’s own damage inspectors and partners working in the field.  Tarmo provides tools also for customer communication, which further improves customer satisfaction.



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Our office in Kouvola has a new address

The new address is Käsityöläiskatu 4.

Metsähallitus joins LogForce

Metsähallitus is joining LogForce in 2015. LogForce™ users already include the big forestry players, Metsä Group and Stora Enso and their transport partners.


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